Ottieni bitcoin gratis anche a PC spento!

Ottieni bitcoin gratis anche a PC spento!
Ottieni Bitcoin gratis anche a PC spento!!!

18 apr 2006

Zeffirino Giménez Malla, saying El Pelé

During the Spanish communist persecution, in 1936, Zeffirino Gimènez defended a priest and for this came shot to Barbastro. In the 1997 Giovanni Paul II blessed soul Zeffirino, today exist a church in his name, is found to Rome, near "Divino Amore". The premise is served to me in order to introduce a argument, hard, difficult, sure indigestible to many of us, comprised me: Gipsies. Zeffirino was just a gitano and died with a rosary in hand, to remember he is prof. Santino Spinelli, a gypsy who ago a lot to speak about himself, born in a field nomadic has known in the time to redeem the own dignity of man and hour, fort of his two degrees, to the age of 41 years, standard to the Letter University and Philosophy of Trieste. Useless to say that the argument is difficult and a Blog it is not sure the place adapted in order to face in the due way and exhausting a complex argument therefore, perhaps if you found to Trieste do a visit to the course that holds prof. Spinelli. Pushed even from the curiosity, in the course one speaks just about uses and customs of the Rom people. Prof. Spinelli considers himself a lucky man, to all the gipsies is not granted loads therefore elevated in the society, but, never and then never he has rinnegato the own origins of which, indeed, he goes some absolutely fierce. The article from which I have found these news has been published on "Il Giornale", encloses you the link in order to go it to read all why I consider it interesting: The gypsy bigraduated against the Rom fields. If I had read to the title two or three days ago me it would be sure escaped, the episode to which I have assisted morning yesterday has instead carried me to go it to read. The fact is that I have seen the stop of two gitanos that evidently had store clerk a theft. I am contrary to the way to make of the gipsies, when they rob you something they make it with arrogance and if you pick them on the fact they fill up to you of insults and curses (are very few the persons to which never he have not meet gipsies, even in subways). It's simple to being intollerance in their comparisons, looks at that they despise to us, why we would have to accept their lifestyle? I do not like yesterday event, instead trying my usual sense of hate in the comparisons of who it commits a theft, I have tried mercy and quite dissaproval in the ways in which the two policemen were applying the law. The policemen have stopped two gipsies, a boy and a girl, more rather young, little more than adolescent, the girl had taken telephones and wanted to call someone, perhaps a relative, one of the two policemen has torn them the cellular one of hand in violent way and cried to her that it did not have to risk more to make one what of the sort (at least in films grants itself always to make a telephone call), it has prayed him to relax himself and he cried always more (only oral threats fortunately). The girl, with a found it hard Italian tried of saying that she had a small child who had to be nursed, he has answered to her: "Don't f..k myself a c... " Someone of you, if it has succeeded in to read until here, will be thinking: with a small child, how can she goes robbing? That bad mother! Others will even be thinking the gipsy girl have said it in order to try to piting the policeman..., but not creed that this is the way of dealing people, also the worse persons. The words that say prof. Spinelli are more rather touching, they make to understand you that the world of the Rom probably is not like seems, quite exists the possibility that until today we have mistaken all, the same creation and proliferation of the nomadic fields (than I, for job issues, have visited in more than an occasion, I make the expert of the assurances), I could be the incredible error. The greater part of that we call gitanos is people that are due to escaping from the own countries because of the wars and of the persecutions, in their country they had house and sure they had not come to the world in order to make the nomads. The nomadic fields been born with an similar idea to that one of the Indian reservoirs of the United States (there the problem are various why the reservoirs are content that the government "has granted" to who that earth possessed it already a lot before who now, after to have usurped it, he allows them to use it in minimal part), now it is a place of crime and depravation (in the fields do not live only gitanos but the neglects of every type), every new inaugurated field nomadic comes announced same it was a marvellous solution, when instead it is a step behind for the civilization. In order to conclude I wanted to only specify that they have been in the nomadic fields in three occasions, two for issues of street incidents the third because some people had been store clerks of the electric power thefts from a repeater of cellular phones, every time has entered with the instinct of the distrust to the maximum levels, I had also fear rather. In spite of everything in one of the three occasions it has been offered to the coffee from a head tribe to me, I have accepted it. To the end of drinking coffee wife of the head has intentional to read to my hand, gained the distrust I show it to her. I was married from some years, to the age I did not have sons, the woman said that I had three childs... I smiled and I said it, she remained impasible and corrected herself, this wants to say that you will have them soon. I said god bye to the gipsy woman and I do not think to her words. She tried to sell an amulet to me but I did not accept. I do not hide that I and my wife were trying to have a son for a long time, but we had lost hope ourselves. After little months my wife remained pregnant, today... we are waiting for the third son who will be born to November, as he is said, not us creed but...

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