Ottieni bitcoin gratis anche a PC spento!

Ottieni bitcoin gratis anche a PC spento!
Ottieni Bitcoin gratis anche a PC spento!!!

20 apr 2006

Crazy chickens

London - It is of little hours ago the news that an English chicken has without warning changed sex. In truth the history has had beginning to September 2005, so said an English breeder of the citizen of Saltford, mr. Jo Richards. According to how much brought back from the British breeder his hen (than it does not have a name in how much lives in battery with to hundred of others its similar anonymous friends), a morning has been waked up to the dawn and has begun to sing like makes its connects males. Endured the veterinaries they are worries to you to justify the episode that seems is scientifically possible. It' all right? It would seem of, but the hen progressively has transformed itself in a true rooster, she has changed her feathers, she has stopped to make eggs and she has become aggressive, is it truly normal all that? The explanation would reside in the ovaia of right that without warning has begun to produce testosterone as ago a normal testicle and the male hormones have taken the windward on begin them feminine nature of the animal. All this makes me to come to the mind a 1973 movie, with Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve: "Nothing of serious, your husband is pregnant". In the old movie the history is centralized on the paradox that a man who lives to Paris comes picked from unexpected malaises and nauseas and discovers therefore of being pregnant. The movie is obviously a commedia shining, but it put the knife in the plague in a problem that just in those years was becoming of the great present time: the indiscriminate use of hormones in alimentation of the animals of breeding in order to accelerate of the increase. To the protagonist of the movie the doctors explained that the cause of its "anomaly" was due to the consumption of hormones eat with chicken meat. We are sure that the case of the English hen is not the tip of a Iceberg that will throw new shadows on "science" of human and animal alimentation? Too many times we have had news in delay and many distorted situations, with the excuse that did not have to alarm the public opinion, I think that the information must to be immediate and professionally exact, I did not like the way like has been introduced to the Italian national television news of the RAI, whose tone was absolutely little serious, made reference quite the transexuals and who spends a lot of moneys in order to change sex, I have found of incredible bad one taste to it. Also I, in this post, have joked to us over but not task that the weight of my Blog is far comparable to that one of one national head like the television news of RAI.

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