Ottieni bitcoin gratis anche a PC spento!

Ottieni bitcoin gratis anche a PC spento!
Ottieni Bitcoin gratis anche a PC spento!!!

21 apr 2006

Nobody must forget Chernobyl

20 years ago from the most famous nuclear disaster woke up the whole world: the outbreak of one of the reactors of the thermonuclear system of Chernobyl. Perhaps somebody did not become account that what it has happened once can still succeed in an other place whichever of the earth. We have felt more times that the casuistry that similar incidents can be verified of new is rather insufficient, has been also said that in the former Soviet Union that can happen why the little resources of that State in agony were not sufficient to guarantee the adequate measures of emergency to the nuclear systems.
Perhaps it is therefore.
The point is an other, when former USSR has started the own searches in the field of the nuclear and has constructed the fission systems was maximum world-wide superpower with to the USA, the decline has been after. Who always assures us that the well-being of a country hard in order? Who can assert that country then will be always in a position to maintaining the emergency measures high? It is know that a system nuclear, once put in function, cannot "be extinguished", pack-saddles to think that in Italy, although the abrogative referendum we have some in function still 4, than even if do not produce electric energy, why disattivate, absorb remarkable resources for their maintenance. It centers them thermonuclear are the very small product that the man has never been able to realize, theirs I use is not at all economic, like the governments they want to make to believe us, and the disadvantages are by far advanced to the advantages that can some derive. One thermonuclear centers is a mine of toxic refusals, they come some already today produced in such amount that has become a problem their smaltimento and putting in emergency, are governments without scruples that appoint society of bad reputation making "to disappear" radioactive slags, is demonstrated that great amounts find hour in bottom to the ocean, the containers in which have been crammed will not resist in eternal and sooner or later they will free their lethal content. The USA government after 20 years of you debate yourself has approved of to the construction of two big underground placed where to conserve all the slags Americans (currently occupy the volume of approximately 37 million cubic meters!). A similar situation is happening in Russia or in the other states puts into effect them that use the nuclear scattered in the world. My thought is that the development of the nuclear systems has had and has now the main scope to produce crews. I do not discover sure to the warm water, pack-saddles to think the incredible worry that it is arousing the determination of the Iran that has started again the nuclear program, the iranian president assures that draft of an interest for single pacific scopes, if it is therefore why have all fear? Tail of straw? Indeed the USA are prepared to attack the Iran, Bush is thinking to use the nuclear crews. Me it seems just, if you want to prevent to someone to use the atomic bomb is better to use it first, so he learn how it is “bad”.

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