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Ottieni bitcoin gratis anche a PC spento!
Ottieni Bitcoin gratis anche a PC spento!!!

7 mag 2006

The spurious chinese bishops

I wonder if we will never succeed to find one solution to the arrogance and the superficiality of the man, above all with regard to the religious feelings. I am sure that I commit an mistake of historical appraisal, I task that the behavior of the Chinese government is similar to that one of the Roman of two thousand years ago, when they thought about being able to deal the Christian religion like one of the many religions to add to those that already were numerous to those times. For who it had not still understood I refer to the strategic political pretension of the government of Beijing of being able to name bishops, acting dishonestly the same Vatican, than, naturally, it firmly opposes in how much nobody to outside of the Pope can consecrate or authorize the nomination of new Bishops. The example “more close” to the Chinese vicissitude is probably what it happened in XI the century, when the emperor Enrico IV name bishop-counts, before he the stirpe of Ottoniani emperors made the same thing. At that time the operation had a political sense, because it assured the continuous control of the empire, in fact the bishops counts, not being able they to have children, to their dead gave back the feudo in the hands of the emperor, in this way was avoided the partition of the empire in a myriad of local lordships, that they would have caused a sure weakening of the imperial power. Enrico IV came excomunicated and quite succeeded in to name a antiPope and to besiege the legitimate Pope to Castel Sant'Angelo (Rome). To the Chinese the excomunication from part of the Pope seems not to do some effect, indeed after the recent nomination of two faithful Bishops “to the government” and immediate excomunication, next nomination of others twenty of they is planned. Ministers of God that are faithful to the government? But what really means? To give straight to the anti-communist rhetorical it could be thought that it is being spoken about controlable persons easy that they operate with the fine of the maintenance of the central power them perhaps (as happened in the Middle Ages), is just therefore. Enough to read the comments that the dissidents make in exile from several the communist and socialist countries it puts into today effect and of the past. The fact is that a regimen in China has been and is today too, various from that pitiless and cruel one of Mao, but it still exist. In former U.S.S.R. it was enough to speak badly about the government whom they sent to you in Siberia, in China still make executions in mass for political crimes (also in the States is not joked with sure topics, but this is an other history, it is not sure far comparable to that about which we are speaking). For who he wanted to deepen the argument I have found the article of Sandro Magister interesting: “New Bishops for China of tomorrow”. According to me, Magister does not succeed to go to bottom in the real developments of that it is happening in those far lands, I creed that this thing is difficult, and perhaps impossible, to all the western ones. That people, composed from nearly a billion and means of individuals, for a long time submitted in ollowing itself of the various powers, powers that always have been tax from managing classes that they have known to instrumentalize the ignorance and the poverty of enormous masses of peasants. the sudden and fast change of the Chinese economy, which is last from feudal and rural organization, nearly without intermediate passages, to an economy based on unbridled industrialization, has sure maked developing itself of a various way to control the new citizens. The vicissitudes that have seen the collaboration of the Americans colossus like Yahoo (Internet) and Skype (Voip technology) in supplying valid collaboration to the government of Beijing, in order to repress every development, not sure in order to favor of their spread, are elements that they make to understand until that level the Chinese governors are pushing themselves, sure allarmed (they have right reason to be so) that similar means of telecommunications can be use for scopes of anti communist propaganda. It seems absurd but some of the Bishops already name in the Chinese official church have been convinced from the government that in reality the Vatican approved of their nomination.The Chinese official Church has a similar structure in all and for all to that Vatican, the only difference is that it is not approved of from this last one, the reasons can escape to many of us. To greater clarification pack-saddles to think that an approved of official church from the Pope in China exist, with Bishops named to Rome. The “underground church”, therefore is defined from some, has already some million practicing in China, these last ones is forced to remain hidden in the shadow in how much is not tolerates, than them the regimen is very fears in how much considers them western spies.With the due respect, I task that similar attitudes we are assuming them ache western in the confront of the muslim religion. Fights between religions therefore? According to the politicans-fiction thought the simple consideration that: if the greater part of the Chinese were converted to the Christianity they catholic community, or protestant, strong and much influential one would become one. It would be arrived to the point that the infuence of this community would have repercussions on a worldwide basis, until to subvert the religious power of the Vatican, considered from someone too much weak in the fight to expanding itself of the muslim world. They are lands dangerous to cover and probably you deprive of foundation, Christians ones are available less than one hundred million in China (between follows us of the official church and underground), they represent only 0.07% of the entire population. In the greater part of the cases it seems that the transfer from the campaigns to the city is provoking graduates them impoverishment of the vocations and practicing. Goodness knows then because Beijing overheat a lot. Issue of principle? I not creed, task rather than topic a lot the western power of the Vatican, many times over Beijing has asked officially the Pope to interrupt the relationships with Taiwan without never to collect happened, a lot in order to make an example the Vatican is the only European state to have recognized the independent state of Taiwan. China expects to continue to having the control on the island and to return a day to annex again to the rest of the country. The argument sure is not exausted but task us is some enough for being able to make some reflection.

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